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2017 Board of Directors

Mailing address:

Wichita Dart Association

P.O. Box 13165

​Wichita, KS 67213

Name: Jacob Flippin
Phone: 316-249-1176
E-mail: chevroletc86@yahoo.com

Name: Vince Oliver
Phone: 316-641-3722
E-mail: kooluof@cox.net

Name: Linda Stucky
Phone: 316-833-9631
E-mail: xslinda64@cox.net

Director of Awards
Name: Clint Phillips
Phone: 316-213-2162
E-mail: thephillipsplace@att.net

Name: Mike Seeley
Phone: 316-706-3818
E-mail: mseeley@cox.net

ADO Representative
Name: Shelley Hein
Phone: 316-990-7420
E-mail: shellshe1972@gmail.com

Tournament Director
Name: Bart Buresh
Phone: (316) 691-8648
E-mail: bureshba@gmail.com

Publicity & PR Director
Name: Debbie Seeley
Phone: 316-259-7071​
E-mail: mseeley@cox.net