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Thursday Night Handicap League

Averages, Standings & League Schedule:


Aero Plains Brewery does not serve food but there is a food truck. You are welcome to bring in your own food.​​

Reminder: Team members can only play in three consecutive singles 501 or 301 games if they only play in one 01 game a night.  
Also a player must play in at least one singles 01 game if they play in a doubles match. 

Format: The Handicap League format consists of 14 matches in total.
The order is as follows:
1. Double 501 - 2 matches
2. Single 501 - 4 matches
3. Double Cricket - 2 matches
4. Single 301 - 4 matches
5. Double Cricket - 2 matches
Cost: The cost of participating in the Handicap League is $24.00 per team per week.
$10 yearly memberships or $75 lifetime memberships