American Legion Post 256
4301 West Pawnee

Sponsor of  CFIT

Thursday Night Handicap

Sponsors and Teams:

Tuesday Night Doubles Teams and Sponsors:

​Buresh/Harper sponsored by Shot Time II

Bomb Squad sponsored by Merle's Place

The L Sisters sponsored by Shot Time II

Eagles sponsored by Eagles Lodge

Lefties sponsored by Aero Plains Brewery

Uff Da sponsored by Shot Time II

Dysfunctional Projectiles sponsored by Oliver's Sports

440 North Seneca Avenue
(316) 263-0444

​Sponsor of the Rats

American Legion Post 401

819 S. Woodlawn

(316) 871-7165

Sponsor of Nuckin Futz and Lucky Charms

The Triangle
2003 S. Washington
(316) 201-4629
Sponsor of
Rebels and Renegades

Aero Plains Brewing
117 N. Handley
(316) 448-2811
Sponsor of
Marks Brothers