Thursday Night Handicap

Sponsors and Teams:

American Legion Post 401

819 S. Woodlawn

(316) 871-7165

Sponsor of Nuckin Futz and Lucky Charms

The Triangle
2003 S. Washington
(316) 201-4629
Sponsor of
Rebels and Renegades

Aero Plains Brewing
117 N. Handley
(316) 448-2811
Sponsor of
Marks Brothers 

American Legion Post 256
4301 West Pawnee

Sponsor of  CFIT

440 North Seneca Avenue
(316) 263-0444

​Sponsor of the Rats

Tuesday Night Doubles Teams and Sponsors:

​Buresh/Harper sponsored by Shot Time II

Bomb Squad sponsored by Merle's Place

The L Sisters sponsored by Shot Time II

Eagles sponsored by Eagles Lodge

Lefties sponsored by Aero Plains Brewery

Uff Da sponsored by Shot Time II

Dysfunctional Projectiles sponsored by Oliver's Sports