Spring Summer 2017 session top accomplishments:
​T80:  JJ Guillroy, Vince Oliver 


White Horse: 

9 count:​ 
High Ton In:​  Jim Dunham ("HL") Ton 60 in, 

                        Terri Garcia ("TG") Ton 17 in

​​High ton out: Vince Oliver Ton 08 out​ 

Cricket Hat Trick: Chad Pellor, JJ Guillroy, Vince Oliver, Kraig Moore,

Steven  Langley, Steve Stucky

Ladies doubles Cricket Finalists:

1st:  Frances Montalvo Wadsworth and Diana Rutherford

2nd:  Joan Bargdill  and Katherine Fitch.

Winter 2017 1st Place Winner:

2014 Ambassadors
Steve Butcher
Rose Casey
Guy Hale
Dennis McHugh
Kraig Moore
Clint Phillips
Shannon Reed
Randy Scheltgen

2015 Ambassadors
Rhonda Burkert
Shannon Reed
Steve Butcher
Kraig Moore
Mike Lewis
Dennis McHugh

Lizzards 2013: Dennis McHugh, Jim Fleetwood, Jim Dunham, Ron Wenrich 

​​501 Qualifier Sunday April 23, 2017 winners earned a spot to go to Lawton, OK on Sunday, July 16th, 2017.  That winner will advance to Vegas in January 2018.
Women's 1st place: Katherine Fitch 

Women's 2nd place: Jennifer Holley

Men's 1st place: JJ Gillroy

Men's 2nd place: Jesse Dochow