The WDA would like to thank all those darters who
participated in the Air Capital Open Tournament.
The WDA would also like to thank their Sponsors, who are Horizon Darts, Heroes, Old Town Association, GWA Sports Commission, COSMO Darts and Heartland Bicycle, and their Donors, who were numerous businesses and restaurants throughout Wichita, for their support.
Finally, The WDA would like to thank the members
who helped plan and execute the Air Capital Tournament.
It was through the support of our local community
and and ongoing efforts of our membership, that permitted
the Air Cap to be such a  success

Welcome to the Wichita Darting Association!

The Wichita Darting Association (WDA) has been a premier organization for steel tip darts in Wichita and the South-Central region of Kansas for over 30 years.

The WDA schedules a mixture of local and national based events throughout the year. The local events allow our league members to enjoy the game of darts at all skill levels. The National events allow participants the chance to play on a higher skilled level and earn points towards their National Rankings.

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Captains and Executive board meeting
Date: Wednesday , March 4, 2015, at 7:30 p/m
Location: Hotel At Water Walk & Splash bar          711 S Main Street, Wichita

Local Blind Draws:
       Friday and Saturday Evenings:
       Location: Micks (1155 S Washington)
       Time: Signups begin at 7:30 - Play begins at 8:00
       Cost: $6.00 per individual